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  • Sony VENICE

    Sony VENICE

    6K Multi Format

    Discover the next generation motion picture camera system with forward thinking full frame sensor, phenomenal colour science and user-friendly operation. Full Frame Sensor 24×36 mm / 6048 x 4032 maximum resolution / Anamorphic FF & S35 / 15+ Stops of Exposure Latitude
  • GF-Slider


    Available in 7 lengths

    AL-2550 GF-Slider 9'10"/ AL-2545 GF-Slider 8'2"/ AL-2540 GF-Slider 6'7"/ AL-2530 GF-Slider 4'/ AL-2520 GF-Slider 3'3"/ AL-2515 GF-Slider 2'4"/ AL-2510 GF-Slider 2'/
  • MōVI XL

    MōVI XL

  • EOS C700

    EOS C700

    4.5K resolution sensor - ProRes and XF-AVC recording - Up to 120fps in 4K with the Codex Recorder
  • ALEXA Mini

    ALEXA Mini

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  • Bi-Flex


    Flexible panels with a CRI over 97
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  • Varicam LT

    Varicam LT

    Featuring a 4K sensor, dual ISO settings and a compact design, it is perfect for shooting in low light situations.