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  • OZO


    VR 360 camera

    OZO is the first Virtual Reality camera system specifically designed for professional production. Powerful yet compact, it captures 360° spherical video and 360x360 surround sound with cutting-edge Live Virtual Reality Preview, and seamlessly integrates with existing video and audio compositing workflows.
  • Cabrio 20-120mm

    Cabrio 20-120mm

    A new zoom for high optical performance!

    With T3.5 brightness and an ENG style servo unit for smooth zoom moves and focus control.
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  • RED Weapon

    RED Weapon

    At the cutting edge of innovation!

    The most lightweight camera from the RED Dragon family has a CMOS Full-Frame sensor capturing 6K images at 100 fps.
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  • Starlite RF

    Starlite RF

    New HF monitor

    Free of cables and lightweight, it is the perfect choice for directors, assistant directors, focus pullers and DOPs.
  • Varicam LT

    Varicam LT

    Now available for rental!

    Featuring a 4K sensor, dual ISO settings and a compact design, it is perfect for shooting in low light situations.