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Sony AXS-R5 Recorder

  • Sony AXS-R5 Recorder
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The Sony AXS-R5 Recorder enables 16-bit RAW 4K and 2K video recording on the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 CineAlta cameras.
With its "bolt-on" design, the recorder attaches to the rear of the camera for a sleek, tightly integrated form factor. Users can simultaneously record RAW files to the AXS-R5 recorder and 2K/HD with the camera's built-in recorder.
Once on a PC, the RAW files can be screened using Sony's free RAW Viewer software. AXSM memory provides a super fast format for quality recordings.

- 16-bit RAW 4K and 2K Recording
- Simultaneous external and on-board recording
- Up to 240fps 2K RAW with F55 and F5
- Matching timecode, file names and other metadata

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