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  • ARRI Matte Box MB-20 II
  • ARRI Matte Box MB-20 II Click to zoom

ARRI Matte Box MB-14
ARRI Matte Box MB-18
ARRI Matte Box MB-20 II
ARRI Matte Box MB-28

The Compact Matte Box MB-20 and MB-20 System II 5.65"x5.65" are modular systems that can be adapted for use on film and video camera lightweight supports, bridge plate support rods, or as a clamp-on sunshade.

It accepts all HD zooms such as the Canon 4.7x11 or the Fujinon 4.5x13 HD primes small cine zooms and most cine prime lenses including wide-angle primes up to 14mm, and is light enough for handheld use.


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