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Zeiss Masterzoom 16.5-110mm T2.3

  • Zeiss Masterzoom 16.5-110mm T2.3
  • Zeiss Masterzoom 16.5-110mm T2.3 Click to zoom

Resulting in a partnership between ARRI and Zeiss, the Master Zoom features an image worthy of any Master lenses, with impressive contrast and sharpness and almost no geometric distortion throughout the entire zoom range. Like most Zeiss products, it also has a very good treatment against flare, particularly important for a lens containing that many optical elements. With all these feats that Arri and Zeiss managed to keep even within such a zoom, the Master Zoom can be used with any Master Prime series.

The Master Zoom has a 6.6x zoom ratio with a very wide minimum focal length (16.5mm) to 110mm, which makes it unique for a zoom of uncompromising quality. Furthermore, it benefits of an aperture of T2.6 without ramping.

Like the other Master series, the Master Zoom has the LDS system that allows it to communicate data with compatible cameras.

Technical specifications


T2.6 - T22

Close Focus

0.7 m / 2.3''

Front Diameter

165 mm


442 mm / 17"


12.6 kg / 26.4 lb


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