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  • Zeiss - ZE 50mm f/1.4 Planar
  • Zeiss - ZE 50mm f/1.4 Planar Click to zoom

The Planar 50mm is a high-speed medium angle made with all the Zeiss expertise, offering an image of excellent sharpness and high contrast, thanks to a strong resistance to flare with its T * treatment. Its optical design also ensures excellent correction of both chromatic aberration and distortion even at the edges of the frame.

With its wide maximum aperture at f/1.4, this 50mm allows to shoot very sharp and contrasted pictures even in low light condition. Moreover, such an aperture offers a more creative control over focus with a shallow depth of field and a quite marked bokeh.

This lens has a particularly robust mechanical design, rainproof and dustproof, while keeping a small footprint. Although not comparable to PL lenses of the same generation, its fluid and engraved focus ring still allows good control over focus.

With a coverage including full frame 24x36 format and a ZE mount (Zeiss-compatible EF mount) it can be used directly on DSLR or a RED camera, and obviously on all other cameras with the smaller sensors with an EF mount adapter .

True to the Zeiss look, it can fit perfectly with other brand lenses, whether telephoto or macro lenses with ZE mount, or even PL mount cinema series like the Ultra Prime.


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